A Walk Down the Natchez Trace

     Road_1362 IMG_1659 Natchez Trace Parkway Clouds_1651

In October 2014 I spent about four hours one afternoon driving and walking down the Natchez Trace around Madison, MS. Here are a few of the things I found along my journey.

Split Rail Fence, Some with Red Tipped Lichen

I wish I had a Macro Lens, but I am working on one in the future.

  Split Rail_1258 Split Rail_1230  Split Rail_1235Red Tip Fungi Red Tip Fungi 3 Red Tip Fungi 2188 Red Tip Fungi_1243



  Mushrooms_2004_edited-1 Mushrooms_2002_edited-1 Mushrooms_2000_edited-1 Mushroom_1302



LadyBugs Mating_1962 LadyBugs Mating 5X5_1972_edited-1 Yellow Flower & Bug_1987

Wild Flowers

  Yellow Flower & Bug_1987 Yellow Flower_1292 Weeds_1981 Red Berries_1289 Purple Berries_1379 Honey Bee_1395 Honey Bee 28X39_1402_edited-1Honey Bee 25X13_1390 Honey Bee 7X5_1402 Golden Rod_1978_edited-1

Bridge to the Swamp

Down the trail around the swamp, watching closely for moving sticks (snakes) and alligators. They stayed home today!

Bridge_1350 Bridge_1348 Bridge_1354

Trail Down to the Swamp

Swamp Trail_1284 Swamp Trail_1280 Swamp Trail_1277

The Swamp ~ Beautiful

Swamp_1282 Swamp_1278 Swamp_1275

Swamp_1269 Swamp_1262



12 thoughts on “A Walk Down the Natchez Trace

  1. All of the photos are precious and beautiful, Andy! I love the split rail fence, since I am always pointing out details about moss and lichen to my grandchildren. The details in life are so awesome! Nature is so wonderful and we are so blessed to still have such places to see and visit. Thanks for taking me along on your photographic adventures!

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  2. Nice to see through your eyes, although I am not sure about the swamp, :). I went to Uganda in 2007. And the swamps really freaked me out, it’s like the whole of Uganda is filled with swamps, and of course. ME, I nearly fell into one. :(. As it was covered in the Papyrus plant, learnt that out there too, never ever again. :(. I see you are thoroughly enjoying your camera. X


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