Now What?

BlueJay Baby_5X5 Signed_082_edited-1 BlueJay Baby_075_edited-1 BlueJay Baby_Signed_081BlueJay Baby_Signed_078_edited-1 BlueJay Baby_Signed 076_edited-1


18 thoughts on “Now What?

    1. yes he was and the mom and dad were fighting mad. He was on the ground about 5 feet from me and just sat there staring at me. It was a beautiful moment. But I will be posting my Robin shots next and they are within inches. I think you will like those as well. Thanks for the nice comment Gill. ❤


  1. A little Fledgling Blue Jay? How wonderful to see this! I’ve had Doves nesting and their Fledglings in my hanging flower basket before. It was so thrilling. I can totally relate to how thrilling and awesome this was. WOW!


  2. Too cute, he looks so miserable, that’s if he’s a HE… :). I’m surprised he let you take a picture of him, unless you have good close ups. Nice ANDY, looking forward to see the rest.

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