Ancestor Hunting & Photo Opportunity

One of the things I enjoy in life is looking for my ancestors. Wednesday I went to Floyd, LA looking for my great grandmother’s grave. I took a pleasant trip across the Mississippi River into Louisiana on I-20W. Once in Tallulah, LA I drove north up US Hwy 65 to the small, but friendly little town of Transylvania, LA. Yes, it does have a bat on the water tower there. Dumb old me forgot to take a picture of that one so I borrowed one from the internet. However, I did take a photo of Dracula on the office door in the gas station where I stopped to ask directions to Floyd.

Transylvania.Water.Tank_small Transylvania.Truth.1.OPT IMG_4116

After receiving directions into the flat Delta land of Louisiana I took off to who knows where, hoping they were correct. Driving down winding and narrow bumpy road I finally arrived in Floyd.

IMG_4121 IMG_4131 IMG_2936

Disappointed I did not find my Grandmothers grave we left to good old Mississippi. On the way home a found the best photo opportunity I have had in a long time. I noticed the railroad tracks that followed along Hwy 65 were warped and rusty and the ties were horrible. I thought surely they don’t use that line anymore. Boy, was I wrong. Further up the road I saw the following trains. I talked to a man named Joe who said he was an engineer. I don’t know if he was but I took him at his word. I asked if they still used this line. He told me that they sure do. They can only travel between 7mph and 12mph but they do use them and they are constantly working on them. It is a small company that travels between Tallulah and Lake Providence. They have another in Monroe. Well, I will not keep you in suspense any longer. You tell me if  you would ride down this rail in this train. Introducing the  Southern Delta Railroad. Southern Delta RR_2990_edited-1 Rusty Train_2944_edited-1 Delta Soouthern RR_2965_edited-1 Delta Southern RR_2947 Delta Southern RR_2958 Delta Southern RR_2971 Delta Southern RR_2966 Delta Southern RR_2964 Delta Southern RR_2974 Delta Southern RR_2976 Delta Southern RR_2979 Delta Southern RR_2980 Delta Southern RR_2982 Delta Southern RR_2988_edited-1 Delta Southern RR_B&W_2968_edited-2 Delta Southern RR_red_2961_edited-2 Rusty Train_2944_edited-1 Rusty Train_2945_edited-1 Soouthern Delta RR_2985_edited-1 Southern Delta RR_2986 Southern Delta RR_B&W_2984_edited-1 Southern Delta RR_2989_edited-1

41 thoughts on “Ancestor Hunting & Photo Opportunity

    1. That picture of the Old Floyd sign you took, thats my yard that is in the back ground. There is a couple of graves on the back property. Not on my property but right outside the line. Wonder if its your relative?


      1. Wow! I was over there again last summer with my brother. I wish I’d known there were other graves. Do you know if there are names on those markers? I’ll have to make another trip this summer. All my family is from there before they moved to Pioneer. Nice to meet you.


    1. HI Alix, thanks for your comment. Yes, I like old trains. I was really excited when I came upon these. I just had to stop and start snapping photos. My father-in-law worked his entire life for the Illinois Central Rail Road and retired here in MS. He Retired as VP Amtrak in the 1980’s. We talked trains all the time. Thanks again for your comment. I love your photography!


  1. Thanks ANDY this is brilliant I have always liked history, and in answer to your question. no, I wouldn’t like to ride in this, even the newer looking train 102 is creepy. It’s is so ghostly I am a coward anyway, so it’s unlikely I would have gone there. I love reading about history though). It’s a shame you didn’t find your grandmothers grave, maybe you can try again another time plus as you was so eager to find it, it probally was right there under your nose. The pictures are good they really tell the story. 7mph is incredibly slow although I can see why. I,msurprised the still use these trains, at least the engineer has a job. 🙂

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