Introducing Blondie

I love my bird feeders and have learned so much by watching and photographing variety of birds this year. I have a backyard that attracts not only beautiful songbirds but also squawkers and screechers who make their joyful noise unto the Lord.

However, there is this little bugger some call a pest, and some call a meal. Now I have considered both to be true. Conversely they have an exclusive beauty about them that in my yard, anyway, is unique. I am bewildered as whether I should allow them to continue at the bird feeder, or trap them one by one and allow them to build a new home in the woodlands of the Natchez Trace. In the meantime I will photograph them and enjoy them in my backyard, that is until all their cousins and relatives show up to dine at the table of free seed.

I only have gray squirrels in my yard. However, there is one squirrel I find it quite entertaining. I call him Blondie. I have never seen anything like him. He is gray squirrel with a fox squirrel tail. Weird huh? In the shade it looks a little dark but when he gets in the sun it is very bright and distinct from the rest of his gray body. I hope you enjoy these. Let me know.


Hello! My Name is Blondie. Some humanoid gave this name because of my unique tail. I usually start my day at the bird feeder, if I can chase those pesky birds out of my way.


Sometimes I find a small limb and put on a show for the camera 🙂

Playing With a Log_5704_edited-2   Playing With a Log_5705   Playing With a Log_5707_edited-2 Playing With a Log_5709_edited-3   Playing With a Log_5710_edited-2   Playing With a Log_5711_edited-2 Playing With a Log_5713_edited-2  Playing With a Log_5714_edited-2  Playing With a Log_5716_edited-2 Playing With a Log_5720_edited-2  Playing With a Log_5725_edited-2  Playing With a Log_5731_edited-2 Playing With Log_5732

Oh, so you will know, I also end my day at the bird feeder and then head to my nest in top of the large oaks for the night!


Nice meeting You Too!



18 thoughts on “Introducing Blondie

  1. Yes, they can be a pest, I know it too well, but great to capture them in some great position. If you can live with them, so be it and enjoy the show. That’s what I do.

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  2. We have had a couple of squirrels with brown bodies and fox or orange tails, Andy.
    I think if you took a video and sent to Funnieat Home Video, Blondie would win Top Prize! 🙂


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