Grannie lived in Rural Louisiana. These little buggers were always a pest. She usually killed them and made possum patties for Rastas, her protective dog. Well, not really patties, but meat for him. Any good hunter knows that if you want to train a dog to find what you are looking for you must let them taste the meat. This allows them to smell the animal and chase it away or alert you to their presence. In my younger days I loved to hunt rabbit, squirrel, and pheasant—never possum.  As I grew older I began to realize that these creations were too beautiful to kill. The older I get the more I love life, and especially nature. I have not been hunting in over 25 years. I do not miss it. Rather, I take the time to get close to nature and enjoy it by taking the photos it allows me to have. In this case, an unexpected visitor to my back yard. Ugly and beautiful! Remember the old saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?” I wonder what God saw in this face when created?

img_0990_edited-1 img_0999_edited-1 img_1002 img_1003



10 thoughts on “Opossum

  1. I love possums. I think they are very pretty. In Chicago, one got all the way up to our third floor apartment porch and made his/her home in an old grocery box. We started to put a bowl of water and chopped apples out for it and every evening just after dark, he/she would come out and eat. We watched safely from our screen door. We also put newspaper down and that possum actually used it for a bathroom! I named him/her Woodsy. Someone found out we had Woodsy on our porch and we heard they were going to kill it so we ended up calling the wildlife people who came and were going to put Woodsy back in the forest where he/she belonged. Wildlife like that often hitches a ride into the city and finds a place to stay. I have fond memories of Woodsy….your post with photos reminded me of our beautiful guest!


    1. Thank you Wendy! You are so right! Have you read my two post about “Hunting with Murray” and “When Chaos Arrived?” I wrote them in December and are both about hunting, with a camera. I appreciate your commetn! Thanks!

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