Photography Award

 I am pleased to announce that I have been ranked in the top 50 of most popular photographers in 2016 among my “View Bug” (photography site) peers. I feel honored in every way. When I tried to copy the award it was so small on this blog you couldn’t read it so I posted on top of one of my floral photos. the original is posted at the bottom of this post.


Here is the little bugger that won me this honor.

Click to enlarge detail


This is the copy of the original award that could not be read here on WP.


View Bug is a wonderful place to post your photos. You will receive instruction, encouragement, information on contests, and awards for your photography. Please visit at

20 thoughts on “Photography Award

    1. Thank you Dana! I have only been there about a year and have only a few post. It is a free site to post, but only a few per month. If you pay on the site you can post unlimited. I am the free one for now, lol. I think you have great ability and would enjoy the site. My name is andy65 if you join look me up and let me know.

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    1. Wonderful! I hope you win lots of contest! I’ve not done a lot on Viewbug. I suppose I should do more. My name on there is andy65. What is yours? I’ll check it out today. Let me know if you win a contest please?


      1. I followed you on VB. I’m not a paid member so I’m limited to the number of peer awards each day. But I’ll be adding more, I promise. You have beautiful photos! I’ll be watching for more. I can only add 3 at a time but you’ve inspired me to get back on and add more😃 You little boy is so cute!


      2. I am still trying to figure the whole thing out on there. I am a premium member did not do the pro thing. I was not going to pay the extra. There are a lot of free contest and many challenges you can enter. Check those out before adding more pictures to see what you might have taken that you can enter. That is pretty much what I have done as far as the pictures that are uploaded. My grandsons pics are the boys, granddaughters are all the girls. Thank you.


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