My Friend Rob

I was sitting on the patio swing yesterday when Rob flew over the fence and landed right in front of me. We were both surprised at how close we were to each other. My friend Jeff Zablow is an amazing photographer of butterflies. One of the many things I have learned from him is that you can not make fast, sudden, or jerking moves in photographing wildlife. Quite frankly, it scares them away. You have to be patient and wait for the right opportunities. Please check out his site:

Well, today was one of those wonderful opportunities and I was determined not to blow it. Rob saw me and stood very still. I moved my hands slowly to raise my camera. He hopped up on top of the fence, uncertain of who I was and my purpose for being where he wanted to dig for worms. I remained calm. He sat there for nearly 10 minutes allowing me to take these portraits. It was an amazing opportunity, and as you can see I took full advantage of.

I hope  you enjoy these as much I enjoyed taking Rob’s photo. Aren’t these beautiful creatures the Lord has given us to enjoy?

robin_2042_cropped_edited-4 robin_2013_cropped_edited-3


robin_2049_cropped-2_edited-2 robin_2046_cropped-2_edited-2

40 thoughts on “My Friend Rob

  1. Great pictures. Aren’t they beautiful birds. We could just sit and watch them for hours. We have been seeing a lot of them around our area this winter. Usually they leave around December and don’t return until February, but that wasn’t the case this year.


  2. Great pictures. I love birding but I probably do not have as much patience as many birding photographers. I am not the type to sit for two hours in one location. We did set up bird feeders in two locations in our yard and I have been able to get some amazing pictures of many types of birds. I buy the 25# bag of the sunflower seeds and the 50# bag of the chicken scratch but I only use 1/2 of the sunflower seeds to the whole bag of chicken scratch. Then the next time I just buy the chicken scratch. A large plastic garbage can with a lid is what I mix it in and store it in. A added bonus is the birds do toss some of the black oiled sunflower seeds and they end up coming up like wildflowers around the feeders. Right now I have about 100 by the back feeders that are 6″ tall.


    1. I’ve learned as I’ve aged to become more patient. I have feeders too. They have allowed me to get many wonderful shots over the years. I’ve never tried chicken scratch though. Can I get that at Lowes? I love that the sunflowers have come up. I’ll have to pull a few of those seeds out and make them come on up,lol. Thanks for your comment!


      1. I’ll go to the co-op and check it out. A small sunflower field would certainly bring in the birds. It would also make a good backdrop for your phtography. But take into account there are a lot of bugs that come with it, especially stink bugs as they get older and lose their beauty. Check a couple of photos of them at my photoblog at Let me know what you do and take good photos.


  3. Beautiful pictures. I don’t think I’d have the patience to sit there quietly for any length of time!

    I like the one where Rob’s neck is stretched out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Robin like that before.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us.



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