A Visit to New Orleans

I had a one day visit to New Orleans. My wife and I went downtown, while there, and found many street people.  I decided I didn’t need any advice from this fellow, especially if I had to pay for it, lolol.

10 thoughts on “A Visit to New Orleans

  1. Being a native/local of New Orleans and seeing the homeless ppl with their signs, I have come to appreciate signs such as these, because he is offering a service instead of just begging. He gives us the option to read the sign to either pay a dollar or walk pass…


    1. I live in MS, originally from Baton Rouge. Just spent my vacation in NOLA two weeks ago. I wish I’d given him that dollar to see what his advice was. I looked for him two weeks ago but couldn’t find him.

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  2. At least you thought of him. I left New Orleans at 18yrs old and been home for a year now. I noticed that the homeless ppl arent the problem regarding crime, I guess a nuisance to certain ppls eyes. Some hv drug problems but most hv mental health issues and the cost of living doesnt equate the wage earning therefore numerous of locals may end up living in whats call “Tent City”. Not sure if you saw it, but there’s several tents set up that where given to them my various organizations so that they cld at least hv some type of what idk… its a sad sight, but there was recently an approval to use an old building to open a new shelter.


    1. Yes, we drove by there but did not know it was called tent city. It was, indeed, a sad sight. I hope they can get them a better shelter. Did it flood them this week the way it did the quarter?


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